JvB Consulting represents my freelance work as a commercial consultant and data analyst. Since the end of 2016 I consult and support companies in the following areas and tasks:


The following services focus on a long run increase of the profitability. My corresponding consultancy is based on the role as a commercial navigator who supports to improve and keep the overview about all relevant business figures. Within this way all potenials for optimization will be realized in a constructive and reliable manner.

Based on a conscientious and up-to-date financial accounting, a multitude of conclusive information can be generated. Their evaluation is the basis for any clarification of decisions that have an impact on the direction of action

  • Creation of business plans including revision and tracking – for turning business ideas into figures
  • Determination of required or desired product margins
  • Calculation of actual outside capital requirements
  • Creation of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards: individualized cockpits that permanently display the key company values. For example – current sales, costs, depreciation or remaining vacation periods
  • Forecasting: optional projections for any type of scenario
  • Commercial as well as operational reporting, regular and custom-made – high-quality reporting includes recommendations for following actions
  • Deviation analyses: cause determination and planning improvement

Foundations are layed in this area. An impeccable receipt flow and constant accounting provide the crucial overview, as this helps, among other things, to identify and minimize any risks.Since the finance authorities need this data anyway, I recommend an early and constructive use.

At the same time, this enables optimum debitor/creditor management and creates a planning basis for investments or reserves. Liquidity will also be increased through coordinated payments.

The management of entrepreneurial processes is subject to the requirement to mediate between structure and flexibility.

My approach to this is based on the principle of what Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the highest level of perfection.”

  • Determination of the actual situation: The recording and visualisation creates a basis for discussion with the aim of showing perspectives.
  • Determination of optimization potentials: The identification and the resulting definitions of measures are the preconditions forrealising synergies, simplifications and savings
  • Implementation: Support with realization of the measures planned, including monitoring, revision and readjustment.

The presentation of georeferenced data can be an effective tool for immense information gain. A specified map clearly conveys the facts of the situation unmistakably. According to the motto: Data beats opinion!

  • Visualization: The detailed presentation of the relevant aspects of a sales region in relation to the already existing offer
  • Analyses: The identification of over- and undersupplied regions, sales centres, customer density, frequency of use or area-related requirements
  • Recommendations: Determination of the actual, regional requirements with regard to personnel or material deployment, further training or opening of branches

The amount of data generated in companies is usually large and very often not consistent. There are a number of possibilities to analyse the data material, may it besuperficial or by going for a deep dive. One can derive extremely valuable properties and information from data sets, these can, for example, be hidden cost pushers for material or services. With a high data quality, it is also possible to provide serious arguments for strategic business decisions.




My longterm and broad-based experience enables me to grasp complex contexts correctly and work out the essential aspects. To accomplish this, I dip into the specific DNA of the company and scrutinise the provided numbers to draw conclusions.


As a Hanseatic merchant, whose handshake counts, I prefer clear relationships, defined by straightforwardness, openness and honesty.For me, dialogue at eye level is an irreplaceable catalyst for successful cooperation.


Different analysis methods, the experience of a wide range of fields, custom-made mixtures of the services and the continuous readiness, to recognize complexities as such, allow me to serve the requirements of each customer individually.