JvB Consulting represents quality in modern and data-driven commercial consultancy. Since launching in 2016, I’ve been guiding companies across numerous sectors to long-term increases in profitability. The goal may be constant, but the way to achieve it differs with each client. With respect to that, my services can be divided into the following tiers:


Do you feel as if your company can optimize, but find it hard to pinpoint where?

The JvB approach is centred on my role as a commercial navigator who enhances both strategic manoeuvring and day-to-day operations with guidance and direction. Above all, I maintain a clear-eyed overview of all crucial and ongoing business dynamics.

This mindset filters into all aspects of my work, outlined below.

Conscientious and modern financial accounting is JvB’s calling card.

We begin by collecting 100% of relevant financial and related data. Then we evaluate core business with reference to the following:

  • Creating, tracking, and revising business strategy – converting plans and forecasts into results
  • Determining of required or desired product margins
  • Calculating of current outside capital requirements
  • Creating Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards – individualized cockpits that display key company figures, incl. current sales, costs, depreciation or remaining vacation periods
  • Forecasting optional projections for any scenario
  • Producing innovative commercial and operational reports which include data-driven recommendations for future decisions
  • Deviation analyses – cause determination and planning improvement

The foundations of quality are laid here. Impeccable receipt flow through a stellar accounting system – this is a crucial first step to identifying and minimizing risks.

This simultaneously enables optimum debtor/creditor management and creates a planning framework for investments or reserves. Liquidity is increased through coordinated payments.

In today’s rapidly shifting business landscape, process control is a delicate balancing act between structure and flexibility.

My approach is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s principle:

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

  1. Define current situation: A clear and visual analysis forms the base of all productive discussion
  2. Define optimization opportunities: The project blueprint for simplifying and synergizing savings
  3. Initiate: Implement these projects into the business. Monitor and revise to schedule


Georeferenced data is an effective and underutilized tool for gathering information. A clear-cut map precisely conveys the facts of the situation – and JvB, as always, is your skilled navigator. With an atlas of data, the road ahead becomes clearer for your business.

  • Visualization: A detail-rich presentation of a sales region. Customize it to include the most relevant features of an existing offer or deal
  • Analyses: Identify over- and undersupplied regions, sales centres, customer density, frequency of use or area-related requirements
  • Recommendations: Determine the current regional demand with regard to personnel or material deployment, further training or branch openings

Companies generate huge amounts of data, often a lot of which is inconsistent or flawed. Extremely valuable insights can be derived from these data sets, like hidden cost pushers for material or services.

Only with clean and quality data can you make tactical and intelligent business decisions. JvB builds out a future-proof data structure for your operation, and is your guide for discovering the business jewels within.

My constant credo is that data beats opinion!




My extensive and broad experience in consultancy allows me to quickly understand complex business circumstances and deftly act on the elements most essential to future success. To accomplish this, I dip into the unique DNA of the company and scrutinise the numbers to arrive at conclusions.


As a Hanseatic merchant, whose handshake counts, I value clear relationships, defined by straightforwardness, openness and honesty. For me, dialogue at eye-level is an irreplaceable catalyst for successful cooperation.


Different methods of analysis, experience in a wide range of fields, custom-built fusions of services…

These offerings, along with a constant readiness to recognize complexities and adapt accordingly, allow me to serve the requirements of each customer individually and with the utmost professionalism.